Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to begin

Beginning on Monday 18 January, churches around the world will mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity over eight days.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will begin on Monday 18 January.

This year’s worship materials have been created by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland and are themed around ‘Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit’, (John 15:1-17).

The annual event, which first began in 1908, is designed to strengthen the ecumenical ties between denominations and encourage a sense of mutual support.

It is timed to run from the date commemorating the Confession of St Peter to the Conversion of St Paul, marked on 25 January.

Rev John McPake, who is the ecumenical officer of the Church of Scotland said: “At this particular moment in the life of the Church, and as we face the challenge the pandemic confronts us with, we affirm the significance of prayer.

“We recognise the truth of these words: ‘Jesus Christ is our Mediator with the Father, constantly praying for us before the throne of God.’ In response to the prayer of Jesus Christ, we offer our prayers.

“As we pray during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we live out our response to the prayer of Jesus that we ‘may all be one…that the world may believe’ (John 17: 21).”

Prayer for Christian Unity:

Thrice-holy God, we thank you for having created and loved us.
We thank you for your presence in us and in creation.
May we learn to look upon the world as you look upon it, with love.
In the hope of this vision, may we be able to work for a world where justice and peace flourish, for the glory of your name.

(From the booklet for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity)

Christian Aid

Each year Christian Aid provides the Go and Do action points for each of the daily reflections which link to the important work of Christian Aid in the relief of poverty and advocacy of justice.

Social media

Show your support for Christian Unity by posting messages to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Twitter wall. To do so, add the #wpcuwall hashtag to your Twitter post (note there is a delay before they appear). You can also find updates about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on Twitter by following the #wpcu2021 hashtag.


Mostly from the nineteenth century

from the Parishes of

Kelso Country Churches

Author: James Smith, Session Clerk

Jim Smith is fascinated by the history of these parts, especially the  eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and has been going through the archives of  local and other newspapers of these times which are now available on line.

Jim has been studying these newspapers and unearthing a fascinating account of what life was like then.

Through the newspapers, we see the trials of the local people and how they lived.  The news is dominated by “the Farms”, “the Kirk”, “the Courts”, “the Village School” and “the Big House”.  The church had a huge influence in those times. How times have changed. And it also provided much of the social interactions for all ages.

The books are interspersed with photographs, many of which are his own.

If you would like to purchase one or all of  the books, Jim would be delighted to hear from you.  They are £10 each and all proceeds will go towards church funds which is much needed at this time when our churches are closed.

Contact Jim on 01573 470 250, jamessmith484@btinternet.com