Our Minister Stephen Manners.

Rev. Stephen Manners

I was born in the town of Dumfries and spent the first 18 years of my life there. People assume that I must have been brought up in a church family as I am a minister and that I must have always gone to church. I didn’t. I started to go to church because my dinner lady invited me to join the Cubs of which she was Akela. From there I started to go to Sunday School in the days when lots of kids went (more than 100 at Lochside Church, which was my local parish church).

I felt called by God to ministry when I was about 15 and was ordained as a minister in September 1989. I have worked in various parishes since then.

I look forward to walking alongside you in the years to come on the journey of faith going wherever God leads us.

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Tel – 01573 470663