Stichill Church
Stichill Church

Records state that there was a parish chapel at Stichill in 1242. The church was dedicated to Saint Nicholas by David de Bernham who was the Bishop of St Andrews.  Interestingly ministers of the church can be traced back to 1548, that is before the Scottish Reformation in 1560

Two of the best known ministers associated with the church are Rev. George Ridpath (minister from 1743 to 1772) who was the author of  ‘Border History of England and Scotland’  and Rev. George Gunn (minister from 1878 to 1900) who among other things transcribed and introduced the ‘Records of the Baron Court of Stichill from 1665 to 1807’

The current church building is the second church on the site and dates from around 1783.  Its original design allowed for balconies at both the east and west ends of the church.  The pulpit was in the centre of the south wall.  All the pew seats were in box shapes and some people sat with their backs to the pulpit.

In 1906 extensive renovations were made to the church that form the basis of the church as it is today.  The west gallery was removed and replaced by the chancel; the pulpit was re-sited to its present position near the front of the church and the pews were re-orientated to face it.  The ceiling plaster was removed to expose the great wooded beams and a new wooden floor was laid.

In 2003 the stables associated with the adjacent former manse were converted to form a church hall.  It has proved a valuable resource both to the church and the community.