We are a Church of Scotland congregation made up of people who live in some of the villages surrounding Kelso and in Kelso itself.

We meet for worship each Sunday at 10.30am. On the first and third Sunday we meet in Makerstoun Church. On the 2nd and 4th we meet in Stichill. (5th Sundays alternate between the two.) After worship we enjoy a time of fellowship over a cup of tea and biscuits or home-baking. Worship is most often based around the Revised Common Lectionary. An order of service sheet and intimations can be found on this website in the about section at services. The bible reading and sermon will also be available there after the service.

All are welcome to worship with us and you will be made warmly welcome. Our order of service and intimations can be found on the worship services page, usually sometime on the Friday before the service. The bible reading and sermon can also be found there after the service. Please see the Get in Touch page to find where we are and to make contact with us. To learn more about our minister see Our minister Stephen Manners page.

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To find out more about the communities which we minister to you should check out their websites and Facebook pages (click on the names)

Stichill website or facebook

Smailholm website or facebook

Heiton and Roxburgh